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It is up in the air if St. Louis City and County is to merge their economic development agencies. This is supposed to make it easier to attract new businesses by having the city and county making unified, and provide a unified voice to compete in the global marketplace. It will be exciting/ alarming to see how this merge affects St. Louis from the view point of schools, and crime ratings.


Currently, this is how St. Louis is sectioned:

  • St. Louis City is its own County as well. St. Louis is not part of St. Louis County. It is in St. Louis City County.
  • There are 90 cities in St. Louis County (St. George just dis-incorporated) and huge swaths of unincorporated land, none of which can accurately be called St. Louis.(If St. Louis City joined the county it would then place 90th)
  • Each city in St.Louis County has its own political, tax and other city entities. They have nothing to do with St. Louis.
  • If you live in St. Louis County and work there, you don’t pay any St. Louis income or property taxes.
  • If you live in St. Louis County or elsewhere in the region and work in St. Louis, you pay 1% earning tax to St. Louis.
  • If you work in St. Louis County or elsewhere but live in St. Louis, you pay an additional 1% income tax earnings tax to St. Louis.
  • If you live in St. Louis County you cannot vote on St. Louis issues (mayor, taxes)
  • As of July, 2011 official Census data, St. Louis had a population of 318,069.
  • St. Louis is the 58th largest city in the United States (with the merge St. Louis will become 17th! )
  • The Greater St. Louis combined statistical area’s (CSA) population of 2,878,255 and is the 16th-largest CSA in the country, the fourth-largest in the Midwest. The Greater St. Louis area is the largest metropolitan area in Missouri.
  • St. Louis has the 62nd greatest population density/square mile of land area, wedged right between Erie, Pennsylvania and Detroit, Michigan.
  • In the late 1960’s the city and county voted for a special Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District to raise money based on property taxes in the county AND city to go toward funding essential cultural institutions in St. Louis. The Art Museum,Zoo, and Science Center were included; Botanical Gardens were added in 1983 and the History Museum was added in 1988.
  • On March 23, 2007, the Missouri State Board of Education ended its accreditation of the St. Louis Public Schools and simultaneously created a new management structure for the district. A three-person Special Administrative Board was created, with members selected by the Missouri governor, the mayor of St. Louis, and the president of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. The current board has authority to operate the district through 2013. Cities in St. Louis County have their own school districts, distinctly separate from St. Louis’.
  • St. Louis does not have local control of its police force.  St. Louis County and many municipalities have their own police and fire departments

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