Revolutionary ! This will personally make parking less challenging for me trying to quarters! And ill end up having more to spend at vending machines!

CBS St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – New parking meters that accept either change or credit cards made their public debut Friday morning in the Central West End, at Maryland and Euclid.

With the slogan of “No Change? No Problem”, the five-dozen meters at that location will be used during a six month trial period, after which they could start going up in other parts of the city’s central business district outside busy destinations like hospitals and license offices.

Ashley Buck of St. Louis made a point to walk up and shake Jones’ hand, thanking her for installing the card-reading meters.

Buck said she became sold on them after encountering the meters in Kansas City last year.

“Not everybody carries change,” she explained. “A lot of people have dollar bills or their credit card, and you end up getting a ticket even though you have the money to pay.”

But not everybody’s sold…

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