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The Lemp Mansion

Flickr user mrgarin / Garin Fons

Its that season again! Looking for a genuine spook in Saint Louis? You wont have to look far…The Famous Lemp Mansion was voted by Life Magazine as one of the most haunted places in America!

The beautiful home was originally the residence and headquarters of the Lemp Brewing Company, which had great success throughout the late 1800s. However in 1901, the Lemp Family fortunes transformed into a curse when Frederick, the son and future heir of owner William Lemp, died of heart failure. In 1904, William Lemp became despondent after losing his friend, Frederick Pabst, and shot himself in the head with a Smith and Wesson revolver while in his upstairs bedroom.

In 1920, as the Lemp brewing company collapsed and sold off the business, buildings and all assets, Elsa Lemp, the daughter of William Lemp, Sr., shot herself in the bedroom and died in the same manner as her father.

Charles Lemp, one of the two remaining sons, eventually took-up residence at the Lemp mansion and remodeled it. He lived in the house with two servants from 1920 until 1949 when he was found dead in bed. He’d also committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest with a revolver.

Later, the old mansion was converted into a boarding house, and residents immediately began reporting strange sounds and footsteps. The stories made it difficult for the owners to rent the rooms. The mansion again changed hands and the new owner, Dick Pointer, renovated the property and made it into an inn and restaurant. The construction workers reported seeing moving objects and hearing strange sounds; a few workers refused to work at the property. Visitors to the inn and restaurant often report the same phenomena, as well as a piano that plays by itself and ghostly apparitions.


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