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For Your Protection Get a Home Inspection

I’m going to just throw it out there, Realtors don’t see everything and Realtors don’t know everything. However we do know alot from past experiences, and know how to protect you the buyer from purchasing a money pit. Hiring a Professional to inspect your property is always what our team recommends to give you an understanding of what is truly going on with your home.

What exactly is Inspectors looking at? 

Structural: Many home-inspection organizations have set standards to determine the integrity of the essential internal & external structural components. Home inspectors are not structural engineers, but they can identify visual defects in areas requiring immediate repairs & will recommend a structural engineer should they feel it is warranted.

Electrical: Do all the outlets work? Are the GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupters) operational? Is there any reverse polarity? Is there evidence of double lugging of breakers at the service panel?  Any wiring not properly encased? Landscape watering or lighting systems improperly installed?

Plumbing: Are there any leaks or annoying drips? Are there any pipes that are vibrating because they are not properly secured? Reverse hot & cold taps in bathrooms or kitchen? Are there any toilets not secured to the floor? What about cracks in the shower-tub surrounds? Is the water pressure sufficient? Are there any slow-draining sinks or tubs?

Built-In Appliances: All appliances are tested, including running a dishwasher cycle, testing microwaves, & checking oven temperatures and burners.

Other Inspections you can have performed include

  • Chimneys – Performed by a chimney survey to determine the safety & functionality of the fireplaces in the home
  • Septic – If a home has a private sewage system, a licensed septic inspector can ensure the system meets current standards
  • Well – If a home has a private water supply system, a license inspector can test the safety of the water & functionality of the well
  • Sewer Lateral – The sewer lateral pipe runs underground from the main stack in a home to the main sewer line

–As it ages, pipe may become

cracked or damaged by

tree roots

–Use of a small camera

can ensure the

functionality &

integrity of the

sewage system

  • Termite Inspection – A termite inspector will identify any infestations or previous damage caused by termites

–Termites are wood destroying insects common to the St. Louis area

  • Lead – A lead inspection will identify all lead risks in the home

–Homes built prior to 1978 may contain lead-based paint

  • Radon – A radon inspection can be done to verify levels & determine if mitigation is required

–Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is believed to cause increased risks of some cancers

–20% of homes in the St. Louis area exceed the standards set by EPA

  • Safety Hazards: Making certain hot-water tanks are secured; verifying there is proper ventilation of all systems supplied by natural gas; & testing temperature variations on the furnace

Miscellaneous: Other items may or may not be included, but should be reviewed by a qualified professional, such as roofs, sufficient sealing of flashings, noting cracked tiles, exposed felt, adequate attic insulation and ventilation, drainage problems, wood decks, wood-infestation evidence (dry rot), patios, or other exterior structures.

You might question the necessity of an inspection on new construction. However, realize that even though city inspectors have passed certain phases of the construction process and the home has received a certificate of occupancy, there could be numerous small items that may require attention that may or may not surface during the course of homeownership and yet could be a potential structural or safety hazard.

There are other inspections you can have performed on your house, I just went through the most common inspections our buyers choose to use here in the St. Louis area. If you have any questions please contact RE/MAX Result’s Alexander Team at 314-329-9042.

Alexander Team New Viao